New TV Channel by Pastor Chris is to Be Launched

Worldly-beloved TV Evangelists, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD, President of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc a.k.a. Christ Embassy, and Pastor Benny Hinn of Benny Hinn Ministries will work together on the launch of a brand new TV Channel.

The religious channel is expected to broadcast coast-to-coast in the United States in the Summer of 2017.

Great news!



After Healing A Woman Is Able To Live Once More

68-year-old Magidi had become familiar with discomfort in her lifestyle and the pain. She suffered from several conditions including arthritis and high blood pressure. As a result, she experienced weakness and pain walking became difficult for her and she needed to use a wheelchair for mobility. One wonderful day, she made up her mind to get an alteration, and she was brought by this want to the Recovery College.

Then, I was told by among my clients regarding the Healing School and I knew this would be the location of my healing. As I entered the Healing College, I believed the Nature of God and I knew I ‘d arrived at the best place. The man of God laid hands on me the evening, it was a wonder. I don’t know what occurred when I was handled by him but I recall him saying to me run ’, like I’d never completed before together with I leaped. That has been the end of utilizing a wheelchair. Two weeks after that, I went for a checkup and I was licensed ok. The people around me were amazed by my wonder. , and so I went to see him my brother was sick one time. Recalling that the healing anointing is carried by me, I hugged him carefully. He got up and began strolling the next day! I have the life of God in me, I’m a healer and I may do everything now. Hallelujah!”

God is still functioning wonders along with the 20 17 Healing College Autumn Program is God arrangement to generally meet with the needs of thousand around the entire world.

Her narrative is told by Stella One day, I fell from a train. I didn’t know there was anything wrong with me till about two years after when I started struggling with walking. I sensed lots of pain in my joints and I was advised I couldn’t wander that I would need a wheel chair to move about, when I attempted to get medical assistance. The information made my heart heavy because it meant I could not fend for my household as the breadwinner. For eight years, I went to various areas seeking help. I started to despair and I prayed to God to take my lifestyle.

The Christ Embassy Ministers Host Pastors’ and Leaders’ Summit in Nicaragua


An extensive ripple effect has been caused by the Christ Embassy Ministers’ Visitation Program of the Healing School as the participants of the plan not only change immediate locality and their local assembly, but also other cities and nations of the planet. This impact resulted in a special Pastors’ & Leaders’ Conference in Nicaragua. It was an experience of the glorious outpouring of the Spirit for 3 days. Continue reading

GYLF Follower Spreads the Gospel in the Bahamas

Trasmitting to every section of the world is becoming the fuel burning in the hearts of members of the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum. These youths have received, in total dose, the Word and the Spirit of God, by their contribution at the Healing School, sponsored by Pastor Chris and also by Christ Embassy. They’ve become living epistles and boats of God’s glory. Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS – Pastor Chris to Host Massive Healing Rally

Greetings, my friends, I just wanted to inform you about an upcoming event that will be taking place in Nigeria.

Two internationally renowned preachers, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn, will be appearing for free at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena. There, Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny will be expressing a universal testament of hope and healing.

This one-time-only event will take place at 5 o’clock in the evening on October 28th and 29th and, again, admission to the event is absolutely free of charge. We hope to see you there


Lady Healed From Fractured Spine!

This lady was involved in an automobile accident and as a result she fractured her spine. She could not use her left leg and also could not sit or stand without difficulties. This accident affected her walking posture as she was bent over due to the injuries.
Our God is still touching lives by His Spirit and through the power of His word. As the man of God, Pastor Chris shared divine truths under the unction of the Holy Spirit, the power of the God touched her and she was immediately healed of all pains. For the first time in three months, she walked upright; running and jumping for joy as she came forth to testify.

Have faith for your own miracle today! Click to watch Atmosphere for Miracles.



Pray Without Distractions!

“And Elijah went up to the top of Carmel; and he cast himself down upon the earth, and put his face between his knees” (1Kings 18:42)

One of the reason some Christians don’t experience the manifestation of God’s glory in their lives as they should is that they often treat their time of fellowship with the Lord casually. Their minds, being full of distractions, are unable to concentrate and hear what God has to say! In James 5:16 (Amplified version), the Bible says, “The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man make tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]’’. The prayer is earnest and heartfelt, devoid of external influences or distractions.

Prayer isn’t a time of religious monologue, where you just talk and talk, until your mind wanders away. It’s a time of fellowship where your spirit mingles with the Holy Spirit, so much that your very being syncs with his laid out plan for your life.

If you want to see the demonstration of the power of the spirit in your life, you’ve got to learn to shut yourself away from the world and set your mind on the Lord in fellowship. Focus all your strength and energies on the Lord in prayer. This kind of prayer is what makes tremendous power available.