International Music Concert, hosted by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was held in Nigeria

The host Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, President and Founder of Christ Embassy, welcomed the over-20,000 live crowd with participants drawn from all the world to the highly- anticipated event on Sunday, June 25th 2017 in the esteemed Loveworld Convocation Arena, Lagos, Nigeria. An concert that has been a source of joy and upliftment in previous editions was experienced by the participants.
The auditorium was resplendent with lights of all sorts and the event kicked off with a lively session of prayers. A civilization of Christ Embassy is the explicit display of creativity and excellence delivered through Arts and Music. As the concert progressed, electrifying music and arts demonstrations greeted the audience; thrilling performances that enraptured the attention of attendees. The costumes were impressive and a perfect match for every single art and music rendition.
This edition of the IMC featured oustanding music presentations from Believers ‘Loveworld like many more, and Sinach, Eben, Ada, Jahdiel, Israel Strong. There was palpable excitement throughout the auditorium with shouts of rejoicing as the audience sang along with the artistes.
From dance to rap, worship, solo, duet, spoken word, the artistes delivered performances that would be remembered for quite a long time. “Beautiful concept and everything excellently directed! We had all types of emotions: joy, teary eyes, we laughed, sometimes we prayed, sometimes we only prophesied,” exclaimed Pastor Chris.
The concert came to a climax with a joyous celebration of the artistes and pronouncements of blessings, prosperity and success by Pastor Chris into the congregants.
It was a most memorable experience in sights and sounds; a night of laughter, worship and music.






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