Healings and miracles by Pastor Chris

There’s the 24 hour, 7 days a week Christian television channel that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a part of. LoveWorld International is broadcast all throughout the world and one of the programs on the station is Entering The Healing School. Again, it is here where folks discover the latest news and get information on upcoming sessions and events as soon as it concerns the Healing School.

Nigerian established evangelist Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is known all across the world because of his enabling sermons along with his ability to help heal people with the assistance of this one and only Lord Jesus Christ. One part of his LoveWorld International Ministry is the Healing School. His mantra is that ‘no disease can stay in the body since the Lord Jesus Christ says that I am. The identical soul that allow the Lord Jesus Christ rise from the dead is the exact same spirit that dwells in each and everyone of us’.

Pastor Chris and his Healing School have sessions in South Africa during the autumn in  Canada during the summer. It is through those seminars and sessions in which ministers from all around the world come along and learn how Pastor Chris is able to help cure people and in turn those leaders of the church go back home and perform wonders of their own. Another excellent way which people can find out the latest about the Healing School is via the Healing School Magazine. This publication is sold in print form but can also be accessed online. It’s here from the magazine where people can read the most recent writings of Pastor Chris and find out about the way other church leaders throughout the globe are doing miracles after attending Healing School sessions.Anyone can go to The Healing School site where they can access a huge amount of previous editions of the Healing School Magazine.

Via the Healing School Pastor Chris spreads the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and is in a position to instruct people how to live a meaningful, healthy and happy life. Chris Oyakhilome brings the functions and truths of Jesus to the men and women who entered the Healing School.  Subsequently Of the healings and miracles that Pastor Chris helps anyone heal such matters as blood disorders and conditions, tumors, cancers, kids maladies and diseases, mental conditions, issues and self doubt when it comes to spirituality, inferfility, and a number of other conditions thru his healings and miracles. Pastor Chris not merely wishes to cure the ill but he wants to lead people to a salvation and new life and one that puts the Lord Jesus Christ first and foremost.

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – a Missionary of Christ

Faith can move mountains,

and that is the message LoveWorld is currently spreading through its channel. This channel has the some of the missionaries. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn collaborated to initiate LoveWorld USA. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome heads the Christ Embassy and LoveWorld Inc., which is located in the Cayman Islands.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Loveworld moves to Verizon


Recently, LoveWorld USA Television declared that it shifted its broadcasting. LoveWorld USA is a leading Christian faith channel. It airs some exhibits such as those by Jentezen Franklin, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Karen Wheaton Kenneth Copeland, and Marilyn Hickey.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Missionary of Christ in each sense and exemplified this and preaching wealthy in conviction. Pastor Chris has spared no effort to spread Christ’s word through channels such as book authorship, oration, and television websites. He started the pioneering called the Christian Satellite Network at the calendar year 2003. It conducted across the clock with shows providing passionate messages of religion from pastors and spiritual leaders all over the country. This system has now expanded to five branches placed at the United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria, the United States and Africa. The machine keeps growing through its founder, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s vision and dedication.

His airs Series on Love World USA (now on Verizon) known as the Kingdom Link to broad viewership in countries such as United States, India, Africa and Israel.   A thriving program on LoveWorld USA too runs, and her show will stay unaltered on Verizon. Karen Wheaton is known all around the country for preaching and her Gospel  singing, particularly at the Ramp. Marilyn Hickey is just another senior pupil who is distinguished by her zeal and liveliness with which she conducts her crusades. She has seen over 130 nations and remains an energetic champion of the faith up to now.  A duo that is a favorite on the Love World USA community is that of Mrs. Gloria and Mr. Copeland They’re a married couple who’ve hosted sermons and conventions all over the USA for many decades. These teachings therefore are popular with audiences of all age groups and feature on  tv for LoveWorld USA.

Pastor Chris a person As he provides sermons that motivate and inspire many holds the audiences all spellbound. LoveWorld USA features content geared toward extending the Christian religion. Some of those preachers comprise Jonathan Bernis, among others, Guillermo Maldonado and, Granville Oral Roberts, Gregory Dickow. Granville Oral Roberts is a renowned Evangelist and advocates miracle . He’s written several books and toured to spread the message of God’s greatness. Out of them, The Miracle of Seed is easily the most well-known.  Guillermo Maldonado is the creator of the King’s Jesus International Ministry and has formed this foundation from scratch, together with dedication, prayer, and also using his personal resources.  He has been instrumental in spreading Christ’s word into countries like India, Europe, South Africa and America.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ensures that the content of his channel stays inspiring and motivational to Children, adults, and older citizens. He’s a missionary Term to everyone, everywhere in the world.

International Music Concert 2018 with Pastor Chris

International Music Concert will be held in Lagos, Nigeria on the 24th of June. The secretary of this event is a Nigerian pastor by the name of Chris Oyakhilome. The Nigerian founder of the Christ Embassy organizes The mass gospel concert in order to bring together people who combine Their spiritual beliefs and musical talents to one event for Christian followers. The concert is held in the LoveWorld Convocation Area in Lagos. The annual event gives performers from all backgrounds the Opportunity to Sing and dance with everybody attending. The series is intended to Uplift the soul and faith of those attending. Other kinds of artists will take part. Different artists won’t be the only ones presenting their job. Pastor Chris can be putting out his third album in the occasion. The record Is a product of those voices of Believer’s Love World’s ministers. The Performers inside comprise Wisdom, Testimony Jaga, Rap Country, Jahdiel, Buchi, Isreal Powerful, and Frank Edwards. According to its creator, the Album has music that sends out a message of change and transformation Throughout all societies. Hosting and organizing the Global music concert is the manner that Pastor Chris believed that he was giving back to the neighborhood. The Occasion Provides a point where artists can present their own work to the planet And draw messages of the Gospel through music. Renown artists like Another location where Gospel artists can present their work is the LoveWorld’s LIMA event. Event have the opportunity to receive awards while also influencing future Musicians and artists attending the concert. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and members of the Christ Embassy place a Particular importance on the use of music in faith. They encourage gospel Artists in a lot of ways as they think that gospel music reaffirms Faith and unifies individuals from the entire country. The yearly event ends with another form of art poetry readings. The Content of these poems also has a significant value for Christian followers. The concert will end with a speech by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. For all those That cannot attend and would like to see the concert, a live broadcasting Will broadcast on the internet and TV. In this manner, the Christ Embassy guarantees That all religions have access to this live event. And an author of motivational Christian literature. He has been in this Position for more than 30 years. His teachings and live events are broadcasted through TV and internet Throughout the world. Audio and video formats of his teachings will also be available. His ministry airs on five satellite stations — the LoveWorldTV in the United Kingdom, LoveWorldSat at South Africa, LoveWorld Canada at Canada, LoveWorld PLUS for his home nation of Nigeria, and LoveWorld USA for the United States.


Pastor Chris Ends his Terrific Holy Land Tour

Christ Embassy’s Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has concluded the 2018 Holy Land Tour. The church planned out the trip meticulously for the benefit of leaders of Jesus around the globe.

Countless That the Pastor Chris‘s followers joined him on this religious trip to Israel and Jordan. Each day on the itinerary was filled viewing of places. The tour followed the travel Christ took at the Bible and scripture, permitting participants to walk in His footsteps and learn from his glory.
The warm welcoming they got from the Jewish Land. Jews and Christians alike were thrilled for the trip of Pastor Chris, highlighting the close connection Evangelicals have to the Holy Land and its people.

The visit Coincided with two monumental events for the state of Israel. The first is the marking of the 70th year of Freedom to its Jewish Land.

Earlier The movement aimed to indicate to the Global community that the US stands behind and recognizes the Holy City, Jerusalem, as the capital of the Jewish Land, Israel. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinated a celebratory reception in honour of the move. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was invited to the occasion. The Pastor received warm welcome and was adopted by members of government in addition to a selection of Jewish individuals. The hosts were eager to welcome the world-renowned Evangelist Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his entourage managed to numerous websites during the eight-day visit Some comprised Caesarea, Additionally, One group was supplied with the chance to visit sacred sites in Jordan, seeing The diversity of the Holy Land. Participants and nearby observers were also capable To see Pastor Chris Oyakhilome minister times. They Testified that ministrations were “filled with gospel and glory, bringing all Those involved closer to the Lord.”

Photo: Pastor Chris during His Holy Land Tour of Israel


Pastor Chris to host the ISM this April

The coming conference under the name of ISMMN hosted by Chris Oyakhilome is a source of inspiration and a place for spiritual growth. This according to many past participants among them, Pastor M.V. Thomas, who testified his expertise from a previous conference on the ISM website. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the creator of LoveWorld Inc. and the leading figure in the ISMMNC, will be in attendance to show faith to leaders from across the World. The networking conference will be held this year in Johannesburg, South Africa from April 30th – May 2nd.

On fostering the leadership skills of Minster and educating them the way to bring their community to a high 24, put a focus this year. There is no doubt that all participants have complete faith the Lord Jesus Christ we have caught up in the logistics of running a ministry, so losing the essence on the way. For this specific reason, a Networking conference is held by the International School of Ministry yearly. It supplies faith-leaders from all over the globe to come together and find out how to be a better version of these, a version to Jesus. The event allows participants to learn from each other in addition to witness a miraculous healing session together with our Person of God, Pastor Chris.

India testified about his experience. His description makes the greatness of this event:

Changed our thinking and also made a huge impact.

We have been so blessed by the ministry of the ISM. My desire to find out more and eventually become an effective minister was fulfilled when I had been invited to attend the ISM.

In the ISM, there are a lot of different classes included.








The Lord Moves When You Move


“I’ve been in ministry all these years, [and] I have never Desired a
Breakthrough,” Pastor Chris said to delegates in his first plenary Session in the International Partners’ Conference part of the IPPC 2017.

The man of God said this, emphasizing to delegates their privileged Position in Christ which makes it that all they need is to “come Boldly into the throne of grace; obtain mercy and find grace to help in Time of demand,” as the scriptures say. Building atop a series that began Throughout the International Pastors’ Convention, Pastor Chris assisted the Brethren realize that the answer to most of their difficulties is to be filled with the Spirit.

“The Lord goes when you proceed, because He resides in you,” the BLW President stated to the congregation of saints from around the world, Letting them know there’s no cause for the Christian that is filled With the Holy Ghost to ask (again) for a move of the Spirit such as one That’s disadvantaged. Don’t Forget to post comments below .

“Don’t take a vacation from the spirit” – Pastor Chris


As the IPPC of this year Reading from Romans 15:15-16 Pastor said that before they were approved, Apostle Paul needed to offer up the Gentiles to become sanctified by the Holy Spirit.

Within an emotion laden That “the more you announce your humankind, the less you’re conscious of your spirituality. All human beings are born into spiritual death. Just Christ is there life. Your normal birth has been supplanted”.

Pastor emphasised of that you’re listening to and who’s currently raising you. Our Man of God shouldn’t deny who we are and reminded us that we are not human beings. According to Pastor Chris, being born again isn’t a religious regeneration.

As the pastors and spouses soaked in such extraordinary It was at this stage He cautioned the delegates Voice, he asked the delegates a really moving question “What preaching could you possibly do without the Holy Spirit?” Pastor then explained that the Holy Spirit must sanctified your work you’ll do it for yourself. That is important.

Continued now, the President of Believer’s Loveworld, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, continued where he stopped yesterday about the value of being full of the Holy Ghost.

It’s becoming even better. There were shouts of pleasure.

Miracles are happening again at the Healing School; Register for Summer Sessions Now

God is merciful and kind. He longs to see his kids well and healthy. The love of God, without a doubt, is based on all who attend the Healing School. Diverse sorts of diseases and sicknesses vanish away like they were not there, which is all by the energy in the Name of Jesus.

Fide James is just one of many who’ve come to the Healing School from God needing a celestial touch. Like many others, she was desperate for an end. The diagnosis was systemic lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune disorder that causes the body to attack itself.


“It started in 2012 with the swelling of my feet and pain in the knee joints,” said Fide. When initial medication didn’t bring any relief, she went to the hospital where a thorough examination revealed that she was suffering from the dreaded disease. The condition was manageable until 2015, when all medication became ineffective.

The situation rapidly worsened after that, “My joints became so painful and I was so weak that I struggled to do most things like sitting, standing, taking my bath or getting dressed or even brushing my teeth. I couldn’t cook or go shopping because I couldn’t carry a shopping basket or push a trolley. I got tired very easily. I had to eat lying down. Sometimes, I slept seated because it hurt to lay in the bed,” she explained.

“I lost 10kg in 4 months because I’d lost my appetiteI couldn’t concentrate, and my performance at work dropped. I couldn’t do anything without the medication. I had to take 10 tablets each day to try and stabilize my body. I couldn’t even picture a normal life anymore,” she pointed out as she revealed the extent of her ordeal. Fide began to despair at her predicament, wondering if there would ever be an end.

When Fide heard about the Healing School, she decided that it was time to cause a change. Her determination paid off, and Fide testified of her experience at the Healing School. She narrated, “While I was still going through the classes, I stopped taking pain killers. I could stand and dance during the sessions. I had indescribable energy, so much that I had to either walk very fast or run, which was just unlike me.

“The day I was completely healed was very memorable for me. I fell under the power and I knew then that I had gotten it! I got up and started running like I hadn’t in a long time, shouting ‘I’m healed!’”

Fide is completely healed. “It’s been over a year now. I’m healthy and strong. I live a very normal life. I cook, drive, work, shop, wear heels, and do all those things I couldn’t do. I’ve gained my weight back. I even got married! Glory to God!”

The 2017 Healing School Summer Session is the answer to the prayers of many. Registration is ongoing and the session will commence on Friday, July 28th, in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. For more information, download the Healing School Mobile App or visit www.enterthehealingschool.org, or send an email to enquiries@enterthehealingschool.org

International Music Concert, hosted by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was held in Nigeria

The host Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, President and Founder of Christ Embassy, welcomed the over-20,000 live crowd with participants drawn from all the world to the highly- anticipated event on Sunday, June 25th 2017 in the esteemed Loveworld Convocation Arena, Lagos, Nigeria. An concert that has been a source of joy and upliftment in previous editions was experienced by the participants.
The auditorium was resplendent with lights of all sorts and the event kicked off with a lively session of prayers. A civilization of Christ Embassy is the explicit display of creativity and excellence delivered through Arts and Music. As the concert progressed, electrifying music and arts demonstrations greeted the audience; thrilling performances that enraptured the attention of attendees. The costumes were impressive and a perfect match for every single art and music rendition.
This edition of the IMC featured oustanding music presentations from Believers ‘Loveworld like many more, and Sinach, Eben, Ada, Jahdiel, Israel Strong. There was palpable excitement throughout the auditorium with shouts of rejoicing as the audience sang along with the artistes.
From dance to rap, worship, solo, duet, spoken word, the artistes delivered performances that would be remembered for quite a long time. “Beautiful concept and everything excellently directed! We had all types of emotions: joy, teary eyes, we laughed, sometimes we prayed, sometimes we only prophesied,” exclaimed Pastor Chris.
The concert came to a climax with a joyous celebration of the artistes and pronouncements of blessings, prosperity and success by Pastor Chris into the congregants.
It was a most memorable experience in sights and sounds; a night of laughter, worship and music.